List of Essential Corporate Training Courses in Singapore

/List of Essential Corporate Training Courses in Singapore
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List of Essential Corporate Training Courses in Singapore

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Will your employer counter offer to help you around? Are you really have an option an extra chance someday circumstance current situation just does not work for? Everyone has at least one nightmare transition story.

  1. Keynote speakers
  2. Learning management system
  3. Gamification
  4. Microlearning
  5. Web-based learning
  6. Blended learning
  7. Instructor led learning

People with integrity are honest. They’ll tell you the truth about whether technique adhere for your personal schedule and meet your deadline. They will be forthright about expressing concerns about the project if there is any, pop up when considerable supposed to, and boost the comfort about their skills the they provide the plan:

Top 10 HR Solutions

  1. Services
  2. Rental facilities
  3. Team building
  4. Lunch talk
  5. Mix and match
  6. Customised
  7. Elearning
  8. Online learning
  9. Buy corporate training materials
  10. Company retreat

Business Skills Courses


Career Skills Courses

Communication Skills (Holistic)

Communication Skills (Non-Verbal)

Communication Skills (Written)

Conflict Resolution & Mediation Skills

Creativity Skills

Customer Service Skills

Decision Making

Entrepreneurial Skills

Executive Skills

Event Management

Facilitation Skills

Finance & Accounting Skills

Human Resource Skills

IT General Skills

IT Software Skills (Microsoft)

IT Software Skills (Adobe)

Job Searching Skills

Knowledge Skills


Leadership Skills

Management Skills

Meeting Skills

Mentoring & Coaching Skills

Offline Marketing Skills

Online Marketing Skills

Negotiation, Persuasion & Influence Skills

Organisation Skill

Personal Development Skills

Presentation Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Project Management Skills

Sales Skills

Speaking Skills

Story-Telling Skills

Strategy Tools Skills

Stress Management Skills


Teamwork & Collaboration Skills

Thinking Skills

Time Management Skills